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Jisook Park has been working as a graphic designer for 5 years in Seoul and currently moved to Rotterdam for her new working experiences.
        Her professional career has been built up by working with strategic consultants and corporate clients. From the beginning to the end of the projects process, she is trained to investigate the strategic, research and communicate with creative people in a wide range of the field. At the same time, She also worked with many other artists producing lots of artworks.

Currently she’s interested in multi-disciplinary not only making graphic materials but also searching for the certain way to show her vision working with various people by curating photography, fashion, music, architecture, and technology in space. Multi-layered and multi-aesthetic is something she is looking for.
        Since she believes diverse perspectives can be strengthened by the people of various backgrounds and identities, she always looks for chances to prove herself to others and listen to their stories. She’s opened to any kinds of opportunities, questions or to be a good friend to new people.